Reg No. 1180/2018 (Govt of H.P.)


1. To promote education by way of establishing educational, Vocational, Technical, Professional and Management School, Colleges or Institutions.
2. To promote and implement the SCVT, NCVT or Skill development schemes or programs/ policies sponsored by the state of Centre Government.
3. To promote and review the various classical, folk and western dances, acting, singing, Dramas, music, arts, culture, crafts and xylographic works.
4. To work and promote Eco tourism, Eco Villages and Eco parks so to increase tourism.
5. To serve community by establishing community Radio.
6. To work for environmental awareness, Sustainable development and participative management of local natural resources for village level development.
7. To spread awareness in public against social evils i.e. H I V /A I D S population control, drug addiction, illiteracy.
8. To provide free medical aid to senior citizen, poor and weaker citizen and maternity help and check-up of women.
9. To provide shelter home for sick, injured, ill- health, unproductive and stray cows.
10. To utilize cow dung and urine for organic manure, pesticides, insecticides, medicines, bio-gas etc.
11. To run Swachhata Abhiyan by cleanness and sanitation awareness programs.
12. To carry out all activities on welfare basis without any discrimination on the basis of casts, Creed or color.
13. To consciousness among all segments of community for self-reliance and to organize people against exploitation and social evils.
14. To establish Adharsh Smooh, self help groups, Kisan Club, Yuva club, Mahila Manc, Paryavaran Sarankshan Smiti, Bal vikas Manch etc.
15. To undertake educational, moral, culture and social awakening activities through lecturers, Exhibitation, cultural programs and awareness campaigns.
16. Leading physiological and moral support to youth for playing their role in National Development or Creed.
17. To establish Adharsh villages.
18. To establish and Rehabilitation centers for distribute widows, refugees, orphans old men and women, beggars, disabled, Blind, deaf and dumb etc.
19. To organize discussions, seminars, workshops, demonstration / training camps, literacy programs ect. To promote knowledge amongst people.
20. To help in the National Health Program announced from time to time and motivational for adopting Indian system of Ayurveda, Medicine and Yoga.
21. To conduct medical camps, blood donation camps, eye camps and health camps.
22. To provide libraries, edit, print, publish and exhibit books maps charts, illustrations,journals, magazines, periodicals and other Publications.
23. To organize events, GIS based survey for Property Management or conduct surveys and studies for policy and sector reforms.
24. To acquired and dispose- off property in furtherance of the objectives of the organization in accordance with the relevant law.
25. The implement various projects and schemes sponsored by the State /Central Government in the sector for social welfare, rural and Human Development etc.
26. To do all lawful, charitable and welfare activities on no profit and no loss basis as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above said objectives.
27. To propagate family planning scheme by supporting social programs.